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Our coffee

A blend is a mix of different coffee beans that compliment each other well. These beans can have very different origins. Our One of a Kind, Powerhouse and Underdog are blends. Single origin means the beans are all from one origin and are not mixed. Our Trailblazer and Dreamcatcher coffee beans are single origin.

In theory roasted coffee beans can be kept in storage for a very long time, if kept in a cool, dark and airtight environment. However, to ensure quality we have an expiration date on the packaging to when the coffee tends to decrease in quality. After opening the packaging, make sure to use the beans within a month or so to keep having delicious cups of coffee.

It’s very important to us that our farmers get paid a very fair price for what they supply us with, which are really great coffee beans. Together with our roastery, we have close connections with cooperatives all over the world who we have clear and fair agreements with to make it sustainable for them to continue to do what they love and grow the beans, and also work with us on supplying customers with great coffee.

Our filters

No, our filters are specially made for one great cup of coffee. After the water has extracted all the taste from the beans, the filter should be thrown away. The coffee ground can be reused for other purposes, such as fertilizer for your houseplants or a nourishing skin scrub.

We have discovered that around 150-200 ml of hot water does the trick. If you fill up the filter two and a half times, you’ll get a great taste guaranteed. Feel free to experiment as everyone has their own preference, however too much water will often make the coffee taste weak and slightly watery.

Water temperature has a large impact on the taste of the coffee. Too hot often gives a bitter taste, while water that’s too cold often doesn’t extract the taste of the beans. The perfect temperature is around 90℃, which is achieved by boiling water in your kettle and then letting it cool for about 30 seconds.

We have filled the filters with approximately 12.5 grams of freshly ground coffee.

Order and delivery

When we receive your order it takes us approximately two days to process and package it. We then hand it off to the courier who will deliver it to your doorstep. After ordering, you can expect your parcel from 2 to 5 working days.

We try to complete every order as carefully as possible, but sometimes accidents happen. If you happen to have received the wrong product(s), please email our customer service or send a message in our chat bubble. Make sure to give us the order number you received in your confirmation email, and we will have a look at what went wrong and find an appropriate solution for you.

We have carefully picked our beans which we believe have amazing quality and taste. However, due to circumstances the taste of coffee beans can sometimes be affected. This can happen in the roasting process or damage to the packaging. Whenever you’re not satisfied, please let us know through our customer service and let us know the expiration date that is stated on the packaging. This is how we track our batches of beans and gives us an insight on what might have gone wrong. We will then be able to find an appropriate solution, such as replacing your order or reimbursing you with the paid amount.