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Decaf Medium Roast

The Underdog

Peru, Guatemala, Brazil
Medium Roast

The One of a Kind

Ethiopia, Brazil
Dark Roast

The Powerhouse

Brazil, Guatemala, Columbia, Ethiopia
Medium Roast

The Dreamcatcher

Colombia Single Origin
Medium Roast

The Trailblazer

Guatemala Single Origin

Our 1-cup are a must-have for all adventurers who love high quality coffee when they are on the go. Not only is the concept incredibly practical, we have spent a lot of time perfecting the quality of brewing with our filters.

  • Our filters are filled with 12.5g of coffee, no less than 4g more than other brands.
  • The perfect grinding degree has been found for every taste to achieve the best extraction.
  • Our filters are filled with freshly roasted and ground coffee. This creates an explosion of flavour.
  • Our packaging is 100% airtight, so that the coffee retains its fresh taste for a very long time.

We believe that your coffee shouldn’t only taste amazing, but also should be as ethical and sustainable as possible in every part of the supply chain. We work with coffee farmers from cooperatives all over the world who are paid a fair amount for their amazing coffee beans.

After receiving the coffee, we proceed to roast the beans in small batches. This preserves the delicious taste and maintains quality. The 1-cup filters are then carefully filled with a generous 12.5 grams of freshly ground coffee, our bags are filled with coffee beans and the orders are prepared for shipment by our colleagues at a local sheltered employment company. A selection of our coffee beans is organic, rainforest alliance certified and/or produced environmentally friendly. Read more about our coffee here.