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About our coffee

We have sourced the highest quality beans from some of our favorite coffee regions spread across the world. Each bean has its own unique flavour, however they all have one thing in common. All beans have been grown by farmers in cooperations we know, being paid fair prices for the high quality beans they continue to supply us with.

After the beans have been carefully picked and processed, they will be sent to the Netherlands. Here they’ll be roasted to perfection to enhance all of the delicious flavours in the beans. All of our beans are roasted in small batches so none of flavour gets lost and the quality remains high. Some of our beans will be blended after roasting, for example the Powerhouse and One of a Kind. We believe this is best way to create a balanced and delicious blend.

As we decided to start selling coffee to fund our way on our Olympic mission, we decided it would be nice to have a subtle reminder of this in our selection of beans. The Olympic Rings consist of five different colours, each representing a continent of the world. Our selection consist of five different coffees, all given a specific name that matches their taste but also characteristics of different types of athletes. Each type of bean has been given a colour resembling an Olympic ring.

When deciding on which beans we wanted to offer, we decided we wanted a selection for all different types of coffee lovers. This is why we have a collection that ranges well between dark roast espresso beans to sweet and subtle filter beans. Please explore our webshop to find all information about their tasting notes, origin & the ideal brewing methods and hopefully you will find the perfect coffee for you!

How to use: 1-Cup Filters

Delicious coffee in just 4 easy steps!

Step 1.

Tear the packaging

Step 2.

Take the filter out of the packaging and carefully tear along the lines of the filter.

Step 3.

Unclip the ears of the filter and secure onto your mug.

Step 4.

Pour hot water into the filter till it’s full and let the water drip through. Repeat 2 to 4 times to preferred taste.

Or watch the video below!