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Brew ’22 is a coffee company founded by British speed skaters Ellia Smeding & Cornelius Kersten to fund their Olympic journey. And, thanks to hard work, dedication and the support for Brew’22, their dream actually came true! They will both be competing at the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing. Make sure to follow @wearebrew22 on Instagram for all Olympic insights and coffee content!

We believe great coffee is the rocket fuel you need to chase your wildest dreams.  So, what are your goals? Discover our different coffee flavours here! We selected our coffee carefully to ensure it is ethically sourced, roasted to the highest quality and packaged sensibly. Everyone deserves great coffee, wherever your journey takes you. #yourjourneyyourcoffee








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Never worry about ordering beans again or even worse, forgetting to order beans.

With our bean subscription you will get your freshly roasted beans delivered every month so you don’t need to worry about having enough beans at home. Besides the ease of having free delivery to your door, you will also enjoy the perks of being a “Brew buddy”. This means discount on our coffee and gives you a closer look on our journey to the 2022 Olympic games, including blogs, video’s and extra goodies. It also gives you the chance to win free tickets for ISU World Cup and Championship events.

What our customers say about our coffee

Image Testimonial
Ik ben echt een koffienerd dus als ik van huis ga probeer ik altijd zelf m’n koffie mee te nemen. Op bike-pack avonturen betekende dit een hoop extra spullen, tot ik Brew '22 ontdekte! Of ik nu 1 dag of een hele week op stap ga, ik zorg altijd dat ik genoeg zakjes bij me heb, heerlijke koffie en het neemt bijna geen ruimte in beslag!
Bike adventurist
Image Testimonial
Since Brew ‘22 coffee was released I have always been intrigued by it. I love good coffee it plays a big part of our life’s. With family, sport & socializing. At home and by the ice I was always trying different beans and products to get the good taste. Brew ‘22 have different blends to cater for the coffee lovers needs. My favorite is the ‘Dreamcatcher’ for at home and at the ice rink. This blend has helped us get through our time in the bubble. While I’m at home in the evenings I do like a cup of ‘Underdog’ decaf before heading to bed.
Phil Brojaka
Assistant coach at Team Reggeborgh
Image Testimonial
I have an espresso machine at home and I still find myself reaching for the Brew '22 I cup filters. Cornelius and Ellia spend a great deal of time and energy making sure that the roast, grind size and ammount in each one gives you the best possible coffee result... and it shows. My favourite filters are the Team Frysk blend and my favourite bean is the One of a Kind (Try making an americano and thank me later.)
Daniel Greig