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But first… coffee!

But first… coffee!

You either need it, love it or hate it (who can hate coffee..?). Whether it’s your first priority in the morning, or a good excuse to catch up with friends, coffee is consumed by millions of people worldwide at an average of 3 cups a day! Due to the caffeine in coffee, athletes like us often drink this energising drink pre-workout. But what are the effects of coffee and are there really any benefits of drinking it?

What is coffee?

Coffee is a brewed drink made from coffee berries that grow on coffee plants, native to tropical Africa and South America and South East Asia. The berries and seeds, that contain caffeine are dried and roasted to produce coffee beans. The roasting temperature determines the intensity and flavour of the coffee as well as the caffeine density. On the contrary to popular belief, the darker the roast, the less caffeine! So even though our dark roast Powerhouse has strong, powerful flavour it contains less caffeine than our soft and fruity Dreamcatcher.

What is caffeine?

To prevent germination and to keep insects away, the leaves of the seeds and nuts of some native African, Asian and South American plants produce a chemical known as caffeine. This chemical just so happens to be a psychoactive drug and aids in performance enhancement. Don’t worry, it is 100% legal! The majority of the dark bitter drink we consume contains caffeine and the amounts differ per drink. An espresso for example contains more caffeine than a cup of instant coffee.

In short, coffee stimulates the central nervous system and generates that coffee buzz! 400 milligrams per day is the recommended maximum so make sure you drink wisely or else you might get the jitters.

Benefits of drinking coffee

As mentioned, coffee contains caffeine (unless its decaf of course…) and consuming it has been proven to benefit the following:

  1. Exercise endurance à  Caffeine stimulates the nervous system giving you more energy to train for longer. Another benefit is an increase in dopamine (happy hormone) that might make you enjoy your training a little longer.
  2. Performance enhancement à Caffeine increases energy levels whilst also enhancing alertness, memory and general brain functions. Caffeine also increases levels of adrenaline in your blood which means your body is in fight or flight mode. These factors will often help you improve and perform!
  3. Fat loss à According to research, caffeine aids in weight loss due to the chemical breaking down body fat which can be used as fuel when training.
  4. Recovery à Caffeine has been proven to reduce the intensity of muscle soreness. Might be an idea to stock up on Brew ‘22 for your next leg day!
  5. You know what you are drinking à Coffee is a natural beverage. Black coffee only consists of coffee bean and water. This also means coffee only contains about 2 kcal per cup!

So now we know what the benefits are, but when is the best time to tear your filter open?  

Best time to have a cuppa:

The benefits sound great, but to make the most of them, it’s important to know when to put the kettle on. The great thing is, you’ll probably feel that coffee buzz as you take your last sips. Caffeine also stays in your system for hours which is why you might have trouble sleeping if you’ve had a coffee too close to your bed time. However, the half-life of caffeine varies between 2 and 12 hours per person. This explains why some people struggle to sleep after coffee at lunch time and some can sleep an hour after having an espresso.

Final note from Brew ‘22

We can’t promise you that having a brew before your workout will result in a 300kg deadlift or a sub-2-hour marathon time. But we can promise you that our coffee will make your journey even more enjoyable!

Your Journey. Your Coffee.



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